No More - Barking - Biting - Pulling - Jumping - Ruining your Carpets and your Peace

Your Dog, Happily Following Your Lead to the

Life Together You Always Wanted!

Is It Finally Time to get your Dogs Behavior Under Control?

  • Have More Fun and a Happier Life with a Well Behaved Dog by your side!

  • Stop Apologizing for your Dog and Start Bragging on them!

  • Build that "Go anywhere, Do Anything" Kind of Dog Through

    Confidence - Relationship & Motivation

Watch Below to learn the SECRET to your dogs SUCCESS!

Train your dog,

⌚ At your pace, on your time

🏡 In the comfort of your own home &

💗 Meet the WELL BEHAVED DOG you have been living with for years!

5 Years Ago I Decided I was going to do the Opposite

of Traditional Dog Training as Often as Possible

Heres What I Learned!

Welcome to My Personal Vault for all of My

Secrets from Training Over 1000 Dogs...

Inside You will Learn

  • Secret # 1

    How to Gain and Keep your Dog's Attention Anywhere ... Even Around Birds, Squirrels, Dogs and People

  • Secret # 2

    The Viral Technique I use to STOP Leash Pulling Immediately! Without Harsh Tools or Punishments

  • Secret # 3

    How I Make Coming When Called SO GOOD they will never Blow You Off!

  • Secret #4

    The 1...2...3...4...5... Method of Solving Reactivity, That I have Used to Guide 100's of Owners on EXACTLY what to do to STOP your dog Barking and Lunging at People and Dogs on the Walk

  • Secret #5

    The Exact Exercise I Use to Gain the Right to be the Leader your dog WANTS to follow without DOMINANCE

  • Secret #6

    The MASSIVE HOLE in the "Reward the Good Behaviors and Punish/Ignore the Bad."

  • Secret #7

    How to Handle STUBBORN Dogs Who Wont Give up on the Argument

WAIT! We're Not Done Yet!

Digital Dog School Is PACKED with the Answers You Need!

  • Secret #8

    After YEARS of searching... I'll Give you the counter-intuituve yet Most Effective thing you can do to Create a Nice Calm Walk Even if your dog is a literal Freight Train

  • Secret #9

    Learn the exact equipment and tools that I use everyday and Where to dfind the super secret dog gear you've never even seen!

  • Secret #10

    Why I NEVER... use Food When I'm Teaching a Dog to Greet a Stranger and HOW to Teach the Dog to TELL YOU if they would like to greet the stranger so they the Never Bark or Bite

  • Secert # 11

    The SILVER BULET to getting your dog POTTY TRAINED in a hurry! and How I Use Accidents to Help Build Understanding

  • Secret #12

    How to Find Out what Any Dog LOVES and HOW we Use That to Get the Behavior we Want!

  • Secret #13

    How I Know Wether My Dog is Going to Do the Thing I Ask or Not... BEFORE I ask It!

  • Secret #14


The Digital Dog School is a new way to learn how to train your dog!

Learn the incredible 4 step process that WORKS with the WORST DOGS!

Our syllabus includes:

  • Over 60 videos breaking down Joel’s entire core dog training process

  • Personalized videos and group live chats for help and support

  • Program updates and continued learning every month

No time limits

Because success happens when the dog and the owner are ready... not because class is next Thursday.

Easy to understand and replicate lessons

You're not a dog trainer and I don’t expect you to be. So,

I dropped all the fancy terms and broken things down

bit by bit so that you and your dog can reach success

on your own time! 

Unlimited repeat lessons

Because… what did he say?

Monthly check-ins and tailored training talks

90 minutes of your questions answered in a personalized video every single month!
Customize your learning experience by submitting questions in advance, ensuring success with your training goals.

An ever expanding library

of lessons and activities

Monthly updates including:

  • New management and distraction ideas

  • Games/ sports/ tricks

  • Real life integrations examples and strategies

Roadmaps to success at each level

Knowing what to do first, when to move on,

and how to break things down when you struggle.

A LIFETIME of Support and Behavioral Education

The main goal of the digital dog school is to create not only a learning portal and a support group.

But a community.

Where dog owners of all kinds can congregate

around the love for their dogs and the understanding that giving our dogs everything they need will have them following our lead so that we can get the behavior we love.

Enroll in The Digital Dog School

For $27 a month, you and your pup get access to over 60 videos to coach you through Joel's entire core dog training process, continual program updates and learning modules added to the learning library, and a live Q&A with Joel every month.

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Take a peek inside

Our Core Curriculum

Click each section below to learn the details of the Digital Dog School curriculum.

  • STOP barking in the home
  • STOP door way bolting
  • STOP jumping
  • STOP potty accidents
  • STOP leash pulling
  • Install the structure you and your dogs need to succeed
  • Identify negative behaviors to change
  • Identify triggers and rewards
  • Design a plan of action
  • Install impulse control (stay, no jumping, no bolting)
  • How to tell your dog you don't like that

Find what your dog LOVES! Gain and keep your dogs ATTENTION.

Use play to:

  • Make the dog happy
  • Build confidence
  • Improve relationship
  • Learn to calm down
  • Learn to be free
  • Leashes are FUN!
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Middle
  • Place (go to your bed and stay)
  • Quiet
  • Come
  • Check it out
  • Rewarding behaviors for best success
  • Introductions and greetings
  • Allowing Guests to enter the home without barking or jumping
  • Reintroduction of triggers without barking, lunging, pulling on the leash, or breaking obedience commands
  • Fade out rewards for success w/out food or toys
  • What to do when it all goes wrong
  • Come when called even in the presence of other dogs, birds, squirrels, people, etc.
  • Teaching the dog to exist with freedom

See Digital Dog School

Saving Real Dogs in Real Homes

The Big Test

Educating your dog is not done on a time frame However there is a “High Standard” that we use as an aiming point. Based on the GRC Dog Sports Social responsibility test, our goal is to achieve the following in an unfamiliar area with low to moderate traffic without food/toys available:

  • Walk 100ft with a loose leash

  • Shake hands with 3 strangers

  • Walk 3 figure 8's around objects

  • Put the dog into middle, take a step forward and turn 90 degrees

  • Ask the dog to down for 2 minutes while you go out of sight and the dog gets distracted

  • Call the dog from 30 feet away

  • Hold a sit

  • Move with you

  • Once all of the is complete the dog must exist “off leash” without command and commit no offense for 2 minutes

TikTok's Fastest Growing

Dog Trainer is now...

Your Dog Trainer

Getting your dog to behave the way you want is not always easy. Joel's vast knowledge of dog training styles and problems means that:

  • He has the solutions that will work for you and your dog, no matter where you are in your journey together.

  • Working with Joel means lessons are designed for SUCCESS at any skill level

  • Dogs and owners are treated with respect and without judgement.

  • The dog's perspective is always considered, as is the owners, always aiming for the best solution for everyone.

  • Learning to show the dog that following your lead is the best option for them because it leads them to their very best life.

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